Festival 2015

The MediaTech Conference

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and students were given the unique opportunity to address media and technology issues and to learn how to participate in emerging and innovative partnerships between Israel and the United States.

NEW IN 2015

In additon to the Mediatech Event Conference, States of Minds 2015 brought more emphasis to the education component by incorporating mediatech events held in colleges specializing in media, technology, and communication.

The Media and Technology Conference event
took place at the Federation of israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) in Tel Aviv. Other Media and Technology programs were hosted by educational institutions throughout Israel. 

Our audience and participants
included:  U.S. and Israeli governmental agencies, business organizations, film and media industry, academics, Non-Governmental Organizations, young professionals, cultural and educational institutions, students, and the general public.

 The Conference Partners: 
US Embassy Tel Aviv, Motion Picture of America (MPAA), Public Brodcasting Service (PBS) , Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC), Debby Communications,  Clareo, Comas College, Seminar Hakibbutzim.

Conference Format

Professional Sessions
By invitation only for leaders from the public and private sectors and academics and NGOs.

Other Conferences
Open to the public. Seminar(s)/lecture(s) for students and young professionals at educational institutions throughout Israel (50-150 attending at select colleges and universities).  Locations include:  Comas College in Richon Le Zion, Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, other locations to be announced.

Master Class
Was led by Jay Garfinkel, who has worked in all aspects of media and film over a 40-year career, including serving as Vice-President of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and Senior Vice-President of Marvel Entertainment. The audience for this master class was college and university students and young professionals in the media industry.

The 2015 States of Minds Mediatech Conference

WHAT Exclusive event addressing trends in media and technology industries and their regional and global implications

WHO Media and technology influencers from the private and public sectors in the United States and Israel

WHERE Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Conference Focus

  • How media and today’s fast-changing technologies impact each other
  • The new economic ecosystem that resulted from media and technology's dynamic legal and regulatory issues
    • How advances in technology have swayed the traditional foundation of established industries
      in media, entertainment and advertising by new and social media-based platforms


Jan Van Voorn, Vice President of Global Content Protection, Internet Operations, Motion Picture Association of America


  • Internet Piracy & Enforcement in EMEA
  • Domain Name Registrars and Registries
  • Site blocking in EMEA

Tody Chaudhuri, Vice President Strategic Communications & National Partnerships Public Broadcasting Service


  • New Media and Cyber Security
  • Digital Media in the White House
  • Media Literacy This Generation


Jan Van Voorn

Picture Jan van Voorn.jpg

Vice President, Global Content Protection, Internet Operations -- Motion Picture Association of America
Jan van Voorn has worked for more than 11 years in the IPR Enforcement Field. He worked for the Dutch Content Protection Group "BREIN" where he led a team of Internet Investigators and Experts. Prior to this, he was a Police Officer dealing with online crimes.

Toby Chaudhuri

Vice President, Strategic Communications & National Partnerships – Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
He joined Public Broadcasting Service as Vice President, Strategic Communications and National Partnerships in 2014, following his role at the White House, where he advised on race-based initiatives and global democracy for the U.S. State Department under the Obama Administration. A leader on the PBS Station Services team, Chaudhuri connects local member stations with national constituencies to support PBS Station Services’ Community Engagement, Organizational Capacity and Leadership Development initiatives.

Chaudhuri first became involved with PBS as consultant and co-founder of SocialxDesign, an innovative consulting firm with offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., that helps NGOs, governments and businesses grow by empowering the people they serve through both digital and offline management and engagement practices.