A “meeting of minds” between the US and Israel, media professionals, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs to inspire social change.

About Us

States of Minds, a 501(c))(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., was founded in 2013 by Lysbeth Sherman, president, and is co-chaired by Asaf Vitman (CEO of IPM, Israel).

States of Minds' first annual event was successfully launched in Tel Aviv in August 2013. U.S. Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro introduced the opening night event, which showed the film "What Maisie Knew", before an audience of 450 guests.

Our Mission

States of Minds is an incorporated non-profit organization based in Washington D.C.

In collaboration with leading diplomatic, cultural, and educational institutions in the United States and abroad, the goal of States of Minds is to facilitate a “meeting of minds” between the United States and other countries.

By engaging both the public and private sector, States of Minds seeks to foster and promote positive social impact and a greater understanding of diverse societies among countries of cultural similarities and differences.

Through States of Minds media (film, television, and social media), technology and educational programs, assumptions about other cultures will be challenged, perceptions confronted, and country-to-country relationships furthered.   


Partnership with Israel

This year States of Minds aims to promote cultural exchange, understanding, and cooperation between the United States and Israel through an American Film Festival in Tel Aviv.