In Partnership With The American Embassy, Tel Aviv

States of Minds 2016

A One Week Multi-Platform Media and Technology Event


At the intersection of media, technology, and education, a meeting of minds amongst media professionals, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs, to promote cultural exchange, social change, and a creative economy, between the United States and Israel.

In partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Israel, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), JVP Media, JVP Community Bakehila, and other leading U.S. and local public and private sector, cultural, educational institutions, and business organizations, States of Minds 2016 is a multi-platform interdisciplinary media event that included an American independent film festival, a media-tech conference, and media educational programs to promote social change. Events and programs were conducted in at least five cities in Israel.

States of Minds 2016 included new and cutting edge programs to engage diverse audiences through film screenings, conferences, discussion panels, workshops, training sessions, and World Café events, led by U.S. and Israeli media, communication and film experts. Various programs, in addition to the film festival,  were designed for business and community leaders, tech and media professionals, young professionals, NGOs, and students to expand their perspectives on media tech innovation and culture, business, digital communication, data analysis, and digital civic engagement.


The 2016 American Independent Film Festival

Individual and societal quests

The American Film Festival for States of Minds 2016 presented, through its feature films and documentaries, the multiplicity of social realities, and the emergence of new social groups, that comprise American culture and society.  The films highlighted the rupture that exists far too frequently between an individual and his surroundings, an individual and his family, and, perhaps most poignantly, within an individual himself.  The quest to heal that rupture, whether successful or not, was last year’s common thread, and the films revealed the journey of reconciliation between emotion and reality.  All films and documentaries had their premiere screenings in Israel at the Festival.


The 2016 MediaTech Conference

Meet the new wave of digital and media insiders

Last year’s MediaTech conference was expanded with the involvement of leading innovative media, polling and digital communication experts from the United States.  Speakers covered topics including traditional and digital media, data analysis, online marketing, entrepreneurship, media’s use in community empowerment, the power of storytelling, global protection content, and cybersecurity.   Also, there was a special presentation, in light of the upcoming 2016 U.S. elections, on the role of social media in the ongoing presidential nomination campaigns.


The 2016 Media Education Youth Programs 

Learning how to tell your story 

Programs led by U.S. media and storytelling experts

Programs focused on the power of film, storytelling, media literacy, to empower and inspire a new generation of savvy media users and professionals, create bonds among the youth participants, and develop cross-cultural skills. Students participated in film workshops and will produce their own short films.